Moving long lumber

I recently had to buy some 16-foot 2×10 lumber from lowes. I wasn’t looking forward to it. As a recovering NYer I’m always concerned about the liability when things go wrong. My pickup bed is only about 6.5′ long. Add another foot with the tailgate down. I had read other posts where they talk about laying down your straps  (NEED these) across the back of the bed. I basically wrapped each strap around the load and ratcheted across the front and rear of the bed. This would keep things moving around side to side, and the back from tipping too much. But I was still concerned about them sliding out the back. From here I knew  that I was going to shorten one of the boards, so I ended up drilling a pilot hole in that one, and had it laid down first. Then I inserted a big eyehook screw into the hole. Then I used my other two straps from the hooks at the end of the bed to the end of the board. 

It worked out pretty well. Only two boards, but for what I was doing, it worked. If I had to do a lot of lumber, I might rent a trailer, but for what I’m doing, I can buy and move in batches.
Thankfully no one rear ended me on the trip back home.


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