Bank of China and gold

So I am in Macau and Hong Kong for a few days. Today I saw this window display at a people’s bank of China branch. I’ve always wondered the extent to which the pboc actually encourages gold purchases from the populace. I guess when you combine things like this with the stuff that willhelm middlekoop talks about when he listens to Chinese economic discussions it gives me a better understanding of the position that china is moving itself into. Of course it also scares me when I consider that position that America may well be in, or Americans at any rate: Paper rich, Gold poor.

For what it’s worth, the branches of BOC didn’t have similar displays near where we were staying in downtown Hong Kong. We stopped into an HSBC to get some air conditioning and asked if they sold gold coins and they said that they didn’t.

But we did see gold Star Wars charms advertised on the back of a bus.


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