Malaysian Bacon (yep, that’s a nipple)

One of the things I wanted to try while in Malaysia, just because I knew I would have some free time, is to make home-made bacon. I bought some Pink salt from Kalustyan’s back in New York, and toted it over here. I don’t think I am going to try to smoke it, just because we re in a new location now that is more condo like, and smoking would be more difficult. 

Anyway, I watched a bunch of YouTubes and read a bunch of articles about makin’ bacon and loosely used one of Michael Ruhlman’s recipes

Back to the pork guy at AuntySuff’s morning market in Bukit Mertajam. most people were buying one inch strips of pork belly. I got about 3″ wide and maybe 14″ long.
he had lots of pork cuts available.

Cut it into two parts to make it fit in a pot.
yep, thats a nipple.
put some of the salt cure recipe in the bottom under the pork.
put more of the cure rub on the top.
Now I get to wait for about a week while it cures. It’s supposed to take the moisture out of the meat which will preserve it, as the bacteria need moisture to do their rotten business. I’m also supposed to flip it a few times, and maybe drain the salty brine and reapply salt. 

This video by YouTuber DirtPatchHeaven got me to decide to finally do the bacon project. She includes a helpful video that got me over some of my reticence on my first cure project.


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