Roti Canai

One of the breakfasts that I like having here is Roti Canai. The c is normally pronounced ch here, so it sounds like Roti chanai. It’s basically a fried type of doughy flatbread. We went to market again today to get meat fish and veggies, and had breakfast there. The guy is sort of like a pizza maker. He takes a blob of oily dough, and mushes it, and flips it, stretches it, folds it, the fries it. I tried to do it once at home and didn’t get very close. The roti is normally served with a curry, but sometimes with egg, or butter, or kaya. 

Here are some media to explain.


roti canai, stall 18 in the bukit mertajam market.

coffee. its sort of thicker here, served with sweetened condensed milk. its pronounced kopi, or replace the ff with p.


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