Dodge Bounty

I bought a dodge truck a few months back. It’s a beater, but my first truck, so I’m fond of the dodge brand for that reason. Anyway, when I got to Malaysia, there were more pickup trucks than I expected. I only really remembered seeing cars and delivery type trucks the last time I was here. But basically there are five main pickup brands here: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi , Isuzu, and Ford.

Example of Toyota Hilux that is so common here

The local brands don’t seem to offer a pickup option, so most everything is Japanese. I’ve also seen a couple of Chevy trucks. Here the Ford Ranger is still kicking around, but it’s bigger than the Ranger mini trucks that Ford made in the U.S. Here the ranger seems closer to a F-150, especially the later model Rangers.

Ford Ranger in Malaysia.

Anyway, I’ve offered LadySuff a bounty to sight a Dodge. RM2 for a sighting of Dodge or Ram signage, Rm5 to show me a dodge dealer, RM20 to show me a dodge on the road, and RM100 to show me a Dakota or Ram truck on the road. From what I can tell from local used car listings there are a few Dodge SUVs around, but not many. We’re keeping our eyes open.
I’m starting to miss my truck, which is something I never really expected to say as a city guy, and since I’ve probably only driven it a thousand miles since I got it.

One of the few regular cabs I've seen. Most trucks are crew cabs.


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