Cameron Highlands

LadySuff and I traveled to Kuala Lumpur to do some IKEA shopping and sightseeingh in the area.

On the way back we drove to Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. I didn’t expect it, but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. CH is the main agricultural production area of Malaysia, at least for vegetable type production. It is situated in a mountain valley, so the temperature is about 15 degrees cooler, which was a nice change of pace. It was cool to see all the greenhouse covers. They were growing stuff just about everywhere.  I will put up photos and captions for them.

A nice view on the road to Cameron highlands.

At a strawberry and lettuce hydroponic farm. rows and rows of them.
some examples of hydroponic lettuce. very pretty.

strawberries grown in soil with drip water system.

Lotsa Lettuce

more greenhouses.
Sayuran Organik — fresh vegetables on a roadside market. can usually bargain here. LadySuff bought a bunch of bags. I think she bargained for 5 packs at RM10.
LadySuff bargaining with Mrs. Sayoran.
Fresh Honey. these are sold at most of the roadside stands and more established stores. RM35 for one 750ml bottle, RM18 for a smaller bottle, but you can usually bargain for lower, especially if you buy multiple bottles.
At a tea plantation. these are tea bushes, that are trimmed, the run through a machine and heated to dry.

mushroom making at a small mushroom room.
more mushroom bags. I cant identify each type, although they did have Reishi in there.
A nice semi privacy screen made of log cross sections.



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