Gurney Drive

There’s an area of Penang called Gurney Drive, on the Northeastern side of the island. One of the attractions is the grouping of outdoor food vendors. It’s sort of like having a bunch of Street cart food vendors getting together to sell their food, with seating in the middle.



Most vendors will specialize in one dish. Karri mee (curry noodles), Asam Laksa, char kaoy Teah or something like that. Then each seating section has a vendor who does mainly the drinks. The drink vendor seems to own the tables in that section, so you should buy your drink from whoever is running your section. The area guy will come ask you what you want to drink. You can order food from anywhere, but if you don’t get your drink from the guy organizing the territory, he may get a bit peeved. It does seem strange to me that each vendor doesn’t sell their own drinks, as beverages are normally more profitable than food, but that seems to be how things are. I think the drink guy actually may own the physical table, as the tables often have a drink menu attached to them, but I’m not really sure.


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