Smoking Meats in Malaysia

One of the more difficult products to get in Malaysia is bacon. I’m told it’s here, but only in the special (non-halal) portion of certain grocery stores. They also don’t seem to have a tradition of smoking meats here, so there just doesn’t seem to be much demand for bacon. But I do have a breakfast meal that I like that involves bacon, so I would like to have access to some.

In order to satisfy that need, one of the project ideas I want to try while here in Malaysia is to make bacon. Pork belly is available and I’ve found several recipes, but from what I can tell at online forums, it seems difficult to find wood chips to smoke the meat.  I had actually gathered a few tree branches that had fallen in a local park that I was going to whittle down and use the shavings for the smoking process.
But while going through the mall (Aeon–Queensbay) the other day I saw wood chips at the ACE hardware store. I was surprised to see an ACE store at a mall, but there it was. They had cherry and orange wood shavings as well as charcoal. So for those mainly expats seeking wood chips for smoking meats, check out the Queensway mall.





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