Asam Laksa in Balik Pulau


Went to a nice little cafe called cafe Ko Cha Bi in Balik Pulau the other day. They had a nice version of Asam Laksa with coconut milk (Nyonya style).


They also had a really good mango shake. No dairy as far as I could tell. It was more like a sorbet, but really nice, and cold.
I also noticed the use of shipping pallets in the decor, which seems to be the rage on Pinterest these days. They had them on one wall as a wall covering, alternating the direction of the pallet slats and also alternating the color. Using pallets can be risky, but they did it pretty well.


They also used pallet wood for the tables with a glass top, which worked pretty well.


The opposite wall had a large painting.

After the meal we walked around town a bit. They had two examples of Penang Street art that were big exterior wall murals that were very nice.



We finished the outing with a view from a nearby scenic overlook.




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