Armstrong hatin’ on gold…again.

I just read this post from Martin Armstrong on gold. It’s funny how he can bash gold, citing “behind the curtain” sources that say that they’ve moved beyond gold and no longer need it. In posts a few days later he will talk about the evils of government and banking corruption. It seems to me that those corrupt people in banking and government are the ones trying to do away with gold, and likely the same ones that landed him in jail for seven+ years, at least if his story is accurate as he tells it in the movie, The Forecaster. 


Or maybe as likely, he knows exactly that they are the same people and they have told him to bash gold under threat of landing him in the klink again. I certainly don’t run in his circles, or have any info on what’s been said to him, but after reading posts like that one, it certainly makes me wonder. It is pretty clear that we are in the final throes of the current economic system, and shots, both literal and figurative, are being fired with increasing frequency. This is why self-sufficiency is increasingly important.  At some point, certainly in my lifetime (maybe in the next few years), the system as we know it won’t be around anymore. Look at the lines for <insert noun here>  in Venezuela. This video was from a year ago:

Things are worse now from what zerohedge says.
 This is where the U.S. is headed, no matter which corrupt party wins in November.



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