Apartments in malaysia

So we’re in LadySuff’s brother’s apartment in Penang for a couple of days. I just wanted to note a few things.
I was a bit surprised to see a gas stove top.  Actually its propane, which is pretty common here.


I noted the two types of burner grate: flat and angled.


My guess is that the angled grate is to accommodate a curved wok type pot, white the flat works better for a conventional flat bottom pot.


What I did not expect to see, however, was a 20 pound propane tank under the counter in a cabinet.


Home Depot won’t even let you bring it into the store to get it refilled (by law I imagine, not trying to slam the despot), but here each unit has its own tank, and sometimes two.

I also noted the pretty extensive use of wall air conditioning units, with the compressor fan unit out on the outer wall of the apartment. This is pretty common all over, not just this apartment building.



In this building every unit has a smallish clothes washer and dryer, although air drying on a rack or your balcony rails seems pretty common.




I can imagine some coop board in NYC flipping out if people did that, but I guess if you don’t have the world reserve currency, people tend to be more conservative with their resources. Funny, I don’t think the social investing folks (@calvertinvests) mention reserve currency much when they talk about sustainable investing. A Fiat currency seems, by definition, unsustainable, enabling unsustainable investments.  But whatever, I’m no longer in that game.


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