Rubber plants

So we went to LadySuff’s uncle’s house in a neighboring state. He runs a rubber tree plantation, so we got to look around a bit at their operation.


They harvest natural latex from the rubber trees, and also oil from palm trees. In addition, they grow, clone and sell rubber and palm saplings. Cloning in the old fashion sense, not the cellular engineering sense.




They also do a small honey operation with wild bees. The bees are black and make their own sort of scary looking, black little honey storage sack. I wish I  had taken a picture of the sack, but the bees will sort of commandeer a tree stump and burrow up through the stump. The bee keeper will put a plastic covered box on top where the bees will make their cubby hole and store their honey. The honey is then extracted by small tube and syringe and then bottled. It seemed like a ton of work, but it was REALLY tasty. It had a fruity taste to it. I imagine I might get that from a local grower in the U.S. but I don’t think I’ve ever tasted much like it.



I was also pretty surprised at how red the dirt was here. I thought it would be darker, but it was almost as red as North Carolina dirt.



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