Chinese new year

Chinese New Year is a big deal in Asian countries. This is my first time celebrating with Ivie in Malaysia. Earnings season at work always kept me in New York from late January to early March, so I couldn’t come to Malaysia, and CNY in New York doesn’t really seem to be the same.

So I am attaching some photos of what I see here.

Mrs. Ng woke up extra early to start the cooking. There’s a big meal made for the ancestors who have passed on. 


There’s a roasted chicken and duck, rice, pork in various forms, vegetables, stacks of joss money, wine, cookies, dumplings. It would take a week for me to eat it all.

Then there’s praying. I’m not Buddhist, so I don’t really know the intricacies, so I’ll substitute pictures for the words.

A small shrine like this is pretty common in Chinese houses.


After some time has passed, the joss money and other special folded paper is brought outside and burned to transmit it to the ancestors for them to use in the next world.





So that’s my Chinese New Year’s eve morning so far.


One ginormous incense stick.

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