Market day And dumplings.

We woke up a before sunrise (we were actually awake from lingering jet lag) to go with Ivie’s mom to the local fresh market. 2 minute drive or ten minute walk. Lots of fresh pork, chicken, fish, vegetables and other things. It’s cooler in the early morning, and probably somewhat less crowded, with a better selection, so that’s when we she goes.

Fresh pork. I wonder if he wore red on purpose.
Yep, thats a roasted pig head.
these guys were probably three foot long each. I hadnt really seen fish like this at the market before.

When we got home the ladies started to make dumplings. You can get them in the markets, but they are more expensive, so they buy pre-made skins and make them at home with a pork filling. I include a short video of Mrs. Ng folding the dumpling because the crimped ones I try to make always come out like mutants. 



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