Inflammation recipe

(Note:After drinking the black fungus tea for a few weeks, I noticed some tingling in my fingers and toes. I remembered how mushrooms and fungus absorb heavy metals from their growth mediums. Most of the black fungus in these stores come from China, so I’d be pretty reluctant to buy them anymore. I’m now using cilantro and Chlorella as a detox agent. I take a few Chlorella capsules about 20-30 minutes before I eat something like a cilantro pesto on pasta. At first I took them at the same time, but after doing some more research, it seems like its better to get the Chlorella in your system first, as it will absorb the metals that get released into your intestines when the cilantro hits. This is the cilantro chutney recipe that I’m using,  and here’s a cilantro pesto recipe:  For the most part its just switching basil with cilantro. I was surprised how similar it tasted to normal pesto.)

I have had some issues with inflammation recently. I felt like I wasn’t getting enough blood flow to certain parts of my body. It just felt like the arteries were blocked, which I figured was inflammation of my veins. My girlfriend (Chinese background) asked her mom about things that would help with that. She came back with this recipe for a ginger black fungus recipe. Her mom would say it helps to thin concentrated blood. I don’t know about that specifically, but it did seem to help my circulation.

There was a good interview about inflammation on the peak prosperity podcast a few months back.

I noticed that some curries did seem to help ,and sometimes I add some chopped ginger to my fried egg in the morning, but I think this ginger tea recipe is pretty easy to do on a regular basis.

Anyway, here is the recipe.

  • 5 red dates ( seeds removed)
  • 4-5 slices of ginger (sliced and mashed)
  • Black fungus (woody core removed. Please look for a non-china source, but note that heavy metals can be in any environment. See note at the top of this post. )
  • 2cups of water
Main ingredients, red dates, black fungus ,, ginger
wash the dates. remove and discard the seeds.
peel the ginger, wash, and slice.
slice up the ginger. normally i will prepare enough for two days.
then i will mash the ginger with a meat tenderizer or the back of a knife.

The black fungus comes dried. You’ll need to soak it for a while to get it soft. I will change the water a few times to get it cleaner.

Then you remove the woody core, and chop it up.

Put the fungus in a small dish with water. it will start to absorb the water and expand. change the water a few times over the next half hour or so. I will probably make enough for a few days because this part takes the longest for preparation.
After it softenes up , you can cut out the woody middle part.
then parts i use are on the right. i cut the woody part out on the left and discard.
Cook the ingredients with two cups of water in the slow cooker.

Then I put those three ingredients in a small slow cooker or crock pot and cook for a few hours. Normally I cook overnight on a medium setting and drink it before or on my way to work. You can cook it for a few hours on low on the stovetop but I always fear I will forget it, so I prefer the slow cooker. If you use a bigger slow cooker, you may need to make a bigger batch so it doesn’t dry out.

Well that’s mostly it. You can probably switch honey for the red dates. I’m not sure if it’s the fungus or ginger or both that helps more, so I just take them both. I will try to take some photos of the packaging at my local Chinese store the next time I go so you know what you are looking for.

Here is a link of someone else using a similar recipe for clearing arteries. From what I can tell there’s not much western medical research on the claim, but if it helps with inflammation you may be able to tell from the results.

Also note that when you drink this, the ginger does have a warming effect on the body. The first time I had it I had to turn on the air conditioning, which may mean that it better in winter, but your results may vary.


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