Is Self-Sufficiency Better?

Is being self sufficient better than using income to buy what you need? Who knows? I think its a tough call to say that self sufficiency is economic. It may be, eventually, but probably not initially. You’ll spend so much time and effort to get what will probably be pretty meager results, at least at first.
Going back to the bread example from last time, its a lot of work to grow and mill wheat. Its some work to mix it into dough and bake it just right. Its easier to pay someone else to do it and if you value your time, its probably cheaper to do it as well, and maybe you can buy a better product than you can make.
But you miss something when you buy the bread. You miss the opportunity to gain or develop  new skills. You miss the opportunity to decide what type of flour to use. You miss the opportunity to decide how to grow the wheat. You miss the potential social aspect of baking the bread with a friend or family member. Potentially you miss the opportunity to pay more.
Not sure who the artist is. If you are the artist (Fox) and don't want me to use this please let me know and I'll take it down, but I liked it.
Is this where I’m going? Not sure.
So why did I start this blog?
Well, I guess I wanted to encourage myself to become more self sufficient and figure out a way to quantify that using using some sort of framework, and see how my level of self sufficiency changes over time. I guess that’s what people do in the modern age is to analyse shit, even if you’re not doing shit. I hope to be doing more in the future, but I’m setting something up here, so give me some time. Anyway, If you like what I’ve done maybe you can use the framework too. Maybe we can compare our results.
So let me describe my what I’m going for.
  • I wanted a framework to produce a number that could be used comparatively with others.
  • It should cover most of the primary basics of life, i.e. food, shelter, transportation,
  • I wanted the framework to be general enough to apply in a similar manner across categories.
  • I wanted the framework to reward equity and penalize debt.
  • I want to encourage responsibility over ones self.
  • It should be relatively easy to calculate.
  • Its result shouldn’t necessarily be dependent on income levels

I think I have a decent idea of how I’m going to do this.

I’ll start developing this in the next post and over the next couple of weeks. I hope to do an app eventually, but will have to see as that skillset for me is pretty rusty and wasn’t particularly sharp to begin with.

P.S. Hope you’ve got some plans for your screen free week. I just got my basic telescope off craigslist that I plan to use for some lunar photography during screen free week. I’ll plan to put it back on CL after I’ve taken some reasonable shots of the moon, and maybe the sun (with filter of course), which I will then enlarge and print for artwork in my apartment. Most of my artwork in my apartment is stuff I’ve taken.



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