Screen Free Week is Less than a Month Away! Start your Planning!


Screen free week is less than a month away.

The thing about screen free week is that it helps to have some planning. When the power goes out and you don’t really have access to screens anyway, it always comes as something of a shock of boredom, at least to me. You’re just sort of sitting there in the dark without anything to do because you didn’t really expect this to happen. So best to plan a bit in advance.

You’ve got a weekend and 5 weekdays. Its a good time to learn new skills, do projects you’ve been meaning to work on for a while, read a paper book, get in touch with old friends you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Its up to you.

Here’s the first few items of my list.

  • sew a cell phone case with emf shielding. (have to get the shielding and fabric in advance)
  • learn how to make parmesan and goat cheese (have to get the mold for goat cheese in advance and probably something for the parmesan)
  • Make Mozzarella and Ricotta and take pictures for the SSI blog.
  • Go take some photos around the city on a weekend day (using the viewfinder of course)
  • I’ve been meaning to do a good night photo of the moon and am getting a telescope off craigslist today to help do that. We’re pretty close to full moon status on May 4-5.
  • Go see some live music performed at a local venue.
  • I’ll probably take this opportunity to not look at doom porn during the week. Certainly no MSM-mush.

What you do is obviously up to you, but its a good opportunity to examine how your life is different from that of your parents and grandparents.


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