30-Day Challenge: You Eat What You Eat!

Well, that was sort of a pain in the ass, but as Socrates once said (I won’t pretend that I actually read where he wrote it), the unexamined life is not worth living, so I kept on trying and eventually got it done. The goal was just to record what I ate, so that I know what I eat, and can use that information to become more self-sufficient, first by learning how to make it all by myself, but also figuring out how much I can produce in terms of ingredients.

So I did my best to keep track of what I ate for 30 days. Sort of a pain in the butt. What I found easiest, after a number of starts and stops, was to record all my meals at the end of the day. I set an alarm on my phone to ring at 10pm, so if I hadn’t recorded what I ate that day by then, I would have a reminder to do so. Even with that system, sometimes at 10pm you’re just focused on something else. But I did try to do that.


So like I said in an earlier post, I used the Memento database on my android phone. I don’t think there’s a version for apple but I can’t imagine apple wouldn’t have something similar for its users.

Here is a few screenshots of what it looks like.

I put an icon on my home screen on my mobile.
This is what the meal listing looks like.
…and when you are inputting data.

The first is the icon I put on the front page of my phone so I can get to it easily. The second is what the input screen looks like. The third is just what it looks like after you’ve entered some stuff.
The input screen is the meat of the challenge and covers the basics of what I ate. It was set up with the following choices:
Food name (lasagna, beef & brocolli, bagel, coffee)
the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack),
date (what day you ate it)
who made it (self, restaurant,  friend)

If you’re an android user you can just download it from the memento library. It is saved under the name: suffjeff#YEWYE
You can download it and modify it, or just use it “as is”.

So my next post will be to begin to break down what I ate and what I learned about what I ate. The goal for the challenge was just to record it.


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