Screen Free Week

A few years ago, during or shortly after a national election, I made the decision to quit cable tv. I had watched the mainstream media fail to cover what should have been worthwhile stories. After following the paranormal for many years, I knew that there was pressure not cover certain topics or to disparage them whenever possible.
So one day I decided not to support it anymore. I was probably paying $60 per month for the television service. I normally watched the cooking channel and maybe a few other channels, but not enough to justify the expense, especially when I knew that I was helping to fund controlled media, or what basically amounts to propaganda. I wasnt giving $60 a month to any other causes, so why would I spend money to enable people to lie to me? So i just quit.

After doing it for a while, I finally realized what people meant when they called it a drug. Im sure books have been written about it, but most programming seems designed to manipulate your emotions, to ensure that a steady stream of hormones are injected into your blood to make you feel something. It was easy for me to sit down on the couch after work and watch Law & Order reruns until I had to go to bed.

Unfortunately, in doing that you give up the most precious resource there is, time. When you are old and on your deathbed, I find it hard to imagine you will say that you just wished you could have watched a few more episodes of Law & Order or Dancing with the Stars.

So with that, I would like to plug Screen-Free Week. In 2014 it takes place from May 5-11. The idea is that you turn off your tv, your video games, your movies for one week. Do, rather than watch. Hang out with a friend, cook something, read a book, or whatever, just dont give your time away to a screen. Unfortunately I need the computer to do my job, but I will try to,be more task oriented, and less newsertainment oriented during the week.

It also gives a good opportunity to learn new self sufficiency skills. Why not take the week and try to do two or three projects that you have just never been able to get around to starting. Maybe I will try to make mozzarella cheese from scratch and french bread.



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