Yer Shittin’ Me! (YSM): Germany’s Gold.

So yeah, I’m starting a new type of thread on this blog. Its called a YSM post. This is a post that highlights just how tenuous and outrageous things are using a real life example. In all honesty, seeing stories like this with increasing frequency is one of the main reasons that I decided to start this blog. After seeing things like these, you begin to start thinking that the whole system is really just held together with duct tape and coat hangers and that its really a matter of when, not if, things begin to implode, and if you don’t start talking about it you’re going to start looking for Philip Seymor Hoffman’s smack dealer.

So the link that I saw the story (although all the gold blogs talk about it)  is here:

The original story is here from gold-news digger Koos Jansen’s In Gold We Trust site:

Long story short, Germany let the U.S. hold a portion of their gold after WWII so that if Russia invaded them, at least their gold would be safe. Fast forward 60 years and Germany has a citizen-induced itch to get some of its gold back,or at least get a look at it. Apparently, we say, ok, you can’t look at it,  but we’ll send some of it back over the next 7 years, because, ya know, logistically its tough to do. And the new news is apparently, Germany doesn’t really feel like that timetable is written in stone.

So there’s obviously a LOT of speculation. Maybe we don’t have their gold anymore. Maybe we don’t have our gold anymore.   Maybe we have all of ours and all of theirs and a whole lot more and we’re not giving it back because we want the world to think that we don’t have any so that everyone else spends a shitload of their money to go out and buy gold, and then we bust out an enormous cache of gold (not to mention alien-sourced free-energy, mind reading, teleportation technology) and tell everyone else to go suck it. So yeah, those are the options from serious, and less-serious-sounding but (maybe) well intentioned people.

Anyway, there’s a lot more detail in this story, for which Germany is really just an interesting sub-story. I can’t believe anyone has any interest in Kim Kardashian because real life is so much more interesting.

Well, what else can I say, but don’t shoot the messenger, and:



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