A 30-Day Challenge: You Eat What You Eat

calendarThe primary purpose of this blog is to help me to increase my level of self sufficiency. One of the ways that i plan to do that is through increased food self sufficiency. What do I mean when i say food self sufficiency? I mean i would like to decrease the number of people and external layers of processing that i depend on for caloric sustenance. As an example of what I mean, a person who eats all of his meals at restaurants has a very low level of food self sufficiency. A person who hunts, grows, processes, and prepares all of their own food has a high level of self suffiency. I am inbetween the two extremes of this scale, somewhere on the lower end of self sufficiency, as i normally cook a few meals on the weekend, but often order in or get takeout when i am in the city for work or play.

Personally, i like to cook, but i dont cook enough, mainly because i am busy with work, i commute 45 -60 minutes each way to work, and nyc has an inordinate amount of diverse take out options. I cook more when i am with my girlfriend because she normally prefers not to spend money on meals when she is perfectly happy to save money and cook at home. She has a higher level of food self sufficiency than I do.

To help improve my food self sufficiency, i am going to do a thirty day challenge. I call it, ‘you eat what you eat’, instead of you are what you eat, because I am not here to make value judgements on my food choices. I am here to figure out what i eat and how I can reduce my level of dependency on others in order to mantain my food lifestyle. So here it goes…

OBJECTIVE: Maintain a log of all meals and snacks consumed during the next 30- day period.

Tools: smart phone with a small database database app. I am using a free app called Memento Database ** that is fairly easy to set up.

Helpful: set an alarm that rings after your normal meal times to remind you to enter your meal into the database.

This is a fairly easy challenge,but an important one in that it makes you more conscous about what you eat. Again, this is not to judge what you eat, but to allow me to analyze what my eating patterns are so that I can improve my ability to consume the same foods i currently enjoy, while reducing my dependence on other people for them.

It may be a good idea to repeat this challenge a few times throughout the year as available food options will often change with the seasons. I eat more apple pie in the fall, and less Ramen in the Summer, but there is probably a core Group of foods that makes up about half of what I eat, with the remainder more variable so that I dont go crazy.

I will plan to post my meals weekly, and then do a little analysis after using some other food-targeted apps.


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