A Change is Comin’

About a year and a half ago i was sitting in the upper deck of Yankee stadium, watching a game with some friends. I was talking with one of my friends who is on the more conservative end of the political spectrum, at least relative to the political spectrum in nyc. He was talking to me about the the tremendous level of debt that the federal government has accumulated. He was tremendously animated and very vocal about the urgency with which the country needed to deal with the situation. It was before the 2012 election pitting Mitt Romney against Barack Obama. He was obviously more supportive of mr. Romney and was agahst at the democrats and how much the federal debt had grown over the previous four years.
Fast forward to another Yankee game in 2013. I always enjoy my friends enthusiasm for whatever he has an opinion about at the moment. He defends his position vigorously and since we usually overlap, it makes me feel good about my own opinions. As a nation, we had just fumbled our way through the debt ceiling debate, so i asked him again about the debt. He was still very enthusiastic.He attempted to illustrate what exactly a trillion dollars meant (i think he used the visualization of how tall a stack of a trillion $1 bills would be) and how the democrats seemed to not care so long as their guy was in office. After a few minutes I interrupted him. I told him, instinctively, without really even thinking about it, that it no longer mattered. Nothing was going to be done. It wont be paid back. During the government shutdown we couldnt bare to do a 10% across the board cut. Not a balanced butdget, but a cut of expenditures, the debt will still increase, just at a slightly slower rate.
I told my friend, “Its too late. You can really only position yourself to deal with whatever changes are coming. I dont know what those will be, but I think thats where we are.”
So now, in early 2014, I am taking my own advice, and trying to position myself for whatever is coming. Im still not sure what the future brings, although I think about it a lot. For what its worth, I work in the financial industry as an analyst covering mainly energy stocks. I dont make huge money , as i work at a small, long only domestic equity shop, but I am happy to have a job and a place to live. You should also know that i have an interest in non-materialist topics. I no longer really identify with any political parties as most politicians these days seem either nuts, stupid, psycopathic, ideologues, or some combination of the above.

So what this blog is, is an attempt for me to keep track of my prepper tendencies, to talk aloud about politics, economics, the paranormal as it relates to the above, and to develop a project that i call the self sufficiency index.

I will leave comments on and welcome your interactions. Its possible i dont approve some comments if they are abusive or apparent spam.

So thats about it for the first post. I hope you will take a ride with me.


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